Hi, my name is niccola.

I’m an 18 year old independent, poetic, introverted, night loving, always thinking person who is currently attending her first year in College as an English (writing) major.

I love my cat Duma, enjoy tea, love the fall and am ALWAYS listening to music; I link what I listen to at the end of each blog post if you are interested.

I am a quiet person who suffers from an extremely loud mind, so on this blog I will let some of the chaos out and allow you to invade my personal thoughts.

It’s a very vulnerable place to be in; letting others read the words that come from the hidden folds of my mind and heart, so please be patient with me as I get more comfortable with the idea that people are actually reading a small piece of me.

I will be posting every once in a while, as long as I’m inspired..