New beginnings

my ultimate fear is change. change can be good or bad, but all the same, new beginnings scare me.

i’m finishing my senior year, saying goodbye to a place that has been my home for four consecutive years, and walking into a world that is unknown.

i’m currently typing, staring into a screen, hoping to reach out to a lonely vessel, anyone. not knowing what i’m actually doing, fearing that this site will collect dust and not be read by anyone.

you are here though, you are reading this. that is why i’m wandering through blindly, so that i may help others see. or so that i see.

my name is niccola, and i have never owned anything perfect, so this blog won’t be perfect, which is good because i am broken. broken things can still be beautiful. it really just depends on your perspective.

today i dropped my lovely new phone, face down on the pavement. when i picked it up there were an abundance of spiderweb-like tears in the glass. i have never shattered my phone before, and when i picked it up i was speechless. it’s been a couple of hours and i have already given each streak a meaning and i know why it fell.

i think its beautiful now, even though its sharp and should probably be replaced asap.

the point is, with change and trials you can choose which side to look at it from. each perspective is different, but there really is more to a shattered screen than its appearance, you just have to look at it closely enough.



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